March 29, 2017


Follow Up to “Under the Influence of the Holy Spirit”

Live Q&A with Pastor Gary Craft about Sunday’s Message.


Under the Influence of the Holy Spirit

Being under His influence is where we empty our cups and allow him to fill us completely. Sometimes it’s painful to cooperate with Him to get to that level. But, it’s so worth it. Your Impossible Starts Here!


Your Impossible Starts Here Follow Up

Pastor Gary gives a further explanation of the concepts from Sunday’s Message, “Your Impossible Starts Here.”

Your Impossible Starts Here

With God, nothing is impossible. If we rely on Him and align ourselves with His purpose, we can truly experience His fullness. One way of doing this is by being a church of prayer! Listen as Pastor Gary Craft shares these life-changing truths.


You Can Make A Difference

Over the course of the past 3 weeks, Pastor has shared 4 principles that are integral to our church. This week, he shares the 4th – you can make a difference. Listen as he explains how we can truly make a difference in the world around us.


Missions Sunday

Here at Lake City, we believe in the Great Commission – going unto all the world to preach the Gospel. One of the ways we do that here is by giving to missions. There are a number of missionaries that we support both within our country and across the world. Philip Cameron, founder of The Oprhans Hands shares with us the many things that he has encountered as a missionary. For more info about his ministry, please click HERE.


Growing in Faith Follow Up

Pastor Gary gives a further explanation of the concepts from Sunday’s Message, “Growing in Faith.”


Growing in Faith

What does it truly mean to grow in faith? It entails a lot of things that you may not have thought about. Pastor Gary explains that a healthy believer is always growing, and maturing enough to bear fruit. Then, the pruning happens… ouch!!! But, it’s the pruning that causes us to bear more fruit. Listen as he dives into this topic.

The Fellow-Ship Follow Up

Pastor Gary Craft follows up on The Fellow-Ship with Facebook Live viewers. It’s also an opportunity for him to further his teaching from Sunday and answer questions about it. Here is the audio from the FB Live.

The Fellow-Ship

As believers in Christ, we are all going to the same place, on the same mission 0 much like an aircraft carrier. The fellow ship is a love boat, because it provides demonstrations of God’s love. It is a lifeboat, because it provides shoulders to lean on and ears to listen. And, the fellow ship is an aircraft carrier, because it provides partners to launch us. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains.


Jesus, Alive

Through Jesus death, burial and resurrection, we have the hope of an abundant life – not just here on the earth, but even after we are done here. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft delivers this life-changing Easter message.



 The Praise Parade

Do we really know how to celebrate? What if what we received after years of waiting wasn’t packaged and delivered just like we wanted it? Would we tuly celebrate it then? Let Pastor Gary Craft expound on this idea in this message. If you’d like to contact us, please reach us by phone or email. You can find that info at the bottom of the page.


Heart Conditioning

Even when Christ was on the Earth, many religious leaders of the day, and even the ones in the crowd who were receiving miracles from Christ’s hands, didn’t recognize who Christ really was – the Son of God in human form. He didn’t come packaged like they thought He would be, so they missed the gravity of His appearance & their visitation. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains that  in order to realize the FULLNESS OF CHRIST, we must keep our hearts conditioned to be sensitive to the voice and works of God, through prayer.



Following Jesus

Did you know that you can’t fully follow Jesus from a distance? Yes, it has its risks, but the benefits are worth them all. Let Pastor Gary Craft explain.




Don’t Lose Your Why

Jesus is our “why”- our root motivation for every thing we do. Fruit comes from the root- when we connect to Jesus through relationship, we produce fruit. But Jesus has to be an all-consuming motivation, our “why”; not what he does for us but what He is.

Dead Men Talking

Chances are that you have regrets in your life from missed opportunities in your past. But, did you know that as Christians, we have been called to live with no regrets. Listen as Youth Pastor Seth Henegar shares that you might have regrets, but each day is a clean slate.


Is love love? What does today’s culture believe about love? What is true love? Listen as Pastor Gary Craft dives into this topic.

The Image of God – A Sacred Trust

In this message by Pastor Gary Craft, he points out what the Bible has to say about life, and what it really means to be made in the image of God.


Moms, Pops & Spiritual Orphans

You know, the great commission doesn’t say to go unto all the world and make converts. It says to go unto all the world and make disciples. You can look at this as spiritual parenting. It is imperative that we share our faith with others and help them grow in the faith. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains.


Fire on the Altar

It seems that the gap between generations has left a spiritual void. Watch as Pastor Gary Craft and his son, Nate Craft explain that there is so much to be gained and so much yet to be done.


Leaving a Legacy

Here at Lake City, we recognize that our family members that are 65 and older helped make what we have today possible. They developed the work ethic, tenacity and stick-to-itiveness that made America a great nation. We need that generation (who we are calling the “Great Generation,”) to build a bridge to the younger generation (who we are calling the “Google Generation.”) to share their knowledge and wisdom with them. There is so much to be learned and understood from the experience that the Great Generation possesses. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft, and Youth Pastor Seth Henegar explain.


The Voice

It is imperative that we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Listen, as Pastor Gary Craft dives into this topic.


Oh Taste and See

God gave us the wonderful ability to taste. It helps us experience something. It can even help set our cravings. What are you craving today? Join Pastor Gary Craft as he explores that question.


Unload, Reload, Focus

As we are beginning a new year, we have to resolve to focus on doing the things that make us better. To do that, we need to unload some things, reload some good things into our lives and really focus on the task at hand. Join Pastor Gary Craft as he explains.

Will the Real Santa Claus Please Stand Up?

Jesus is the fulfillment of everything we hold near and dear about Christmas and about the person of Santa Claus. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains the historical origins of Santa Claus and uses this Christmas Character to express our need for a Savior – Jesus Christ.

Frosty the Snowman is a story that is easily paralleled to our spiritual life. Click below to find out how.

The Rudolph Life 

You are called to be unique, and sometimes people don’t like that. Let Youth Pastor Seth Henegar explain to you, through the character of a Christmas story, how your uniqueness is valuable.


Gratitude should be a huge part of our lives. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft shares a Biblical perspective on this topic:


Have you ever been blind-sided? I mean, you didn’t see it coming, but when it hit you, it hurt. Pastor Gary Craft has some insight on that very topic. Check it out below:


In the 4th installment of  the series, Mountains Still Move, Pastor Gary Craft explains how chains of addiction and other bondage tangle us up. But, more importantly, he explains that you can have an encounter with the Savior, and he can deliver you from every chain! Listen by clicking below.


Is healing for today? YES! Listen as Pastor Gary Craft talks more about sickness and healing.


We all have mountains in our lives that need to be moved. Sometimes, those mountains include problems in our finances. Hear Pastor Gary Craft talk about it below:


Join Pastor Gary Craft as he begins his 4 part series titled, “Mountains Still Move.”


Join our special guest, Missionary Gary Sapp, as he preaches on the widow and the oil, and how it applies to our lives today.



Happily Ever After

Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains that every story can have a happy ending.


We all encounter a fork (really many forks) in the road during out journey. In this third message in the This is My Story series, Pastor Gary Craft explains that the decisions we make determine which direction we will go. Check out the message below.

Though your story may have twists and turns, God always has a way to get you back on track. Pastor Gary Craft explains in this 2nd installment of the teaching series, This is My Story.

Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains that Your Story Matters to God. Every story has its ups and downs, but did you know that as Christians, Christ filters those crises that we face? He even tells us that we, “…will have tribulations, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Teen Challenge ministered during our Labor Day Weekend Sunday Service. Check out the testimonies from these men who have put their trust in Christ to turn their lives around.

Unity is Key

In today’s world there are so many causes that people can unite for. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons, like HATE. But, Pastor Gary Craft explains that we were created to gather together as a team that is guided by Jesus. Check out the message below for more. You’ll be glad you did!

Love is so Powerful

Have you ever thought about the love Christ has for us? Are we displaying His love to others? Join Wolf Winegard as he challenges us to answer these questions.

Difference Maker

Did you know that you were designed to make a difference. Dive in with Pastor Gary as he explains this statement.

Bigger Than Life

Have you ever wondered what Heaven will be like? Have you ever thought that you might just be some disembodied spirit sitting on a cloud, playing a harp forever? Join Pastor Gary as he explains that this life is only the beginning of our eternal purpose, and Heaven is not a boring place.

Commitment and Contribution

Have you ever really understood the difference between the two? Listen as our Youth Pastor, Seth Henegar talks about the difference and what it means to be SOLD OUT.

Every Earthly Opportunity Has an Expiration Date

Join Pastor Gary Craft as he explains that though everything on this earth has an expiration date, if you are breathing, you have an opportunity.

Lost and Found

Pastor Gary Craft uses the trailer below as an illustration to convey that the value of an item lost determines the intensity of the pursuit to find it. Let this message speak to your heart. You can listen to the sermon audio under the video of the movie trailer below.

What Am I Hungering For

Using a snippet from the Andy Griffith Show, Pastor Gary Craft illustrates that if we fill ourselves up with something “good,” we may not have enough room for what’s BEST. Hunger causes a pursuit for satisfaction. And, what we eat becomes what we have an appetite for. Check out the clip from Andy BY CLICKING HERE. Enjoy this service from Sunday Morning, July 9, 2017.


Freedom Inside & Out

Join Pastor Gary Craft as he explores what freedom really is. What does it mean to be free on the inside and the outside? He draws parallels from those in the persecuted Church abroad, to help us more fully understand FREEDOM.


America’s Got Talents

Pastor Gary uses the premise of the popular TV show to draw a comparison to how each one of us has talents and abilities, and our success is based upon how we use what we’ve got.

Father’s Day – It’s Never Too Late For A Turnaround

Join Pastor Gary Craft as he shares that as long as your alive, it’s never too late to make choices of reconciliation or choices to better your role in a relationship.


I Hear the Sound of an Abundance of Rain

Join Nate Craft as he shares his experience from the mission field in Peru and relates it to the Prophet Elijah and our everyday lives.

Pentecost Sunday

Join our special guest, Pastor John Loper, as he reveals how to walk in victory every day of your life.






The Following

Here is Pastor Seth’s message from Sunday, May 28th.



The New Exodus: Covered and Called Out

To get to where you want to be, you have to come out of some situations, circumstances and habits. And, it often takes you out of your comfort zone. Let’s dive in as Pastor Gary explores the New Exodus.


Life After Diapers – Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day message is unlike any you’ve heard before. Pastor Gary encourages all mothers, through the Word of God. Click play below to listen.



The Life You’ve Always Wanted, Pt. 2

Listen as Pastor Gary Craft finishes up this 2 part series, and discover how you really can have the life you’ve always wanted.


The Life You’ve Always Wanted, Pt. 1

Pastor Gary Craft delivers the first message in this 2 part series. Join him as he explains the way that you can truly have the life you’ve always wanted.



Focus on Missions

Listen in, as David Raley speaks on the importance of missions.


Pastor Gary Craft

Easter Sunday, the day that changed everything. Listen to our Easter Sunday sermon below.



Pastor Gary Craft

“Our government, and many other governments, are spending millions, maybe billions of dollars trying to hear extra-terrestrial, otherwise intelligent life, beyond the Milky Way galaxy, somewhere. We’re trying to pick up communications from them. Now, that’s what I call focused, dedicated, selective listening.”

Are we trying our best to tune God in daily? Are we hearing from Him? Listen, as Pastor Gary Craft explores Hearing God.


Pastor Gary Craft

Lordship, what is it? How should it affect our lives? Join Pastor Gary Craft as he dives into the word of God to explain this topic.

Special Guest Johnny Jernigan

We were glad to have Johnny Jernigan with us on Sunday. Johnny and his wife, Karen, have developed several evangelistic strategies to assist the local church and para-church ministries in mobilizing the people of God. Through local church ministries, denominational mobilization, drama and theatrical plays, Johnny and Karen provide proven evangelism strategies, and they assist churches in achieving their vision for the community.

This is our latest sermon series (March 5, 12 & 19, 2017). Click on the heading and scroll down the page to access the audio playlist.

Men, it just might change the way you build your life! Every woman, every child, and every man needs to hear this. Beginning March 5th, hear these powerful messages from Pastor Gary Craft at Lake City, 5025 Spring Creek Drive, Guntersville, behind the high school. Sundays at 10:30 am.