Followup to Responding To The Light

From the 88.5 JFM Studios, atop Lake City Assembly of God, Pastor Gary Craft likes to take a little time to further explain his message, answer any questions you might have about it & give a preview of the upcoming message. We hope to see you soon!

Responding To The Light

By relating it to the NY City Blackout of 1977, Pastor Gary Craft explains how dangerous darkness really is. But, there’s a light that can change it – it can overtake the darkness. Listen for more. And, we hope to see you soon.

How Could A Loving God Send Anyone To Hell?

In this 4th part of the “What’s Up With That, God?” series, Pastor Gary Craft preaches on the subject of Hell. It’s not some made up place. It’s real and it’s bad. But, no human has to go there. Listen for more. And, we hope to see you soon at Lake City Assembly of God.

The Art Of War

Using the story of King David’s early days in the Bible, Guest Speaker Nate Craft exlains how God’s abundant providence is displayed and how He uses the seemingly insignificant to change the world.