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Commissioned To Change The World

“It feels like our country is in peril… but I want to say this – I honestly believe that Christians are the answer to every problem that exists on this planet.” Associate Pastor Seth Henegar brings a message today, to remind you that you’re called and commissioned to make a difference. If you’d like to[…]

Why Not Now?

What is worth your relationship with Christ? That’s a question that you have to know the answer to. Jesus said to count the cost. Pastor Gary Craft explains how we should be ready to incur attacks because of our fath. If you’d like to respond to this message, ask for prayer, or reach out to[…]

Why Not Us?

The early church saw explosive growth & radical breakthrough. And, that was because of the power of the Holy Spirit. Guess what? As Spirit-filled believers, we have that same power alive in us. Pastor Gary Craft explains in this week’s message. And, if you’d like to respond to the message, request prayer, or reach out[…]

Why Not Me?

Jesus had invested 3 1/2 years into His disciples, not so the story would be over, but so that His story would become their story and they would continue to do what He began to do and teach. And, this has huge implications for you and me. That’s what Pastor Gary Craft is bringing in[…]

Missions Sunday

Today, our special guest Sam Johnson has a few stories to tell of the importance of funding missions around the world. He tells success story after success story of how needs were met, by faith. It will inspire you. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask for prayer, give to missions, or reach[…]

Let’s Have Breakfast

If we can’t have access to Jesus in our everyday life, then we don’t have relationship. Instead, we have a religion. Christ gives us access to Himself 24/7. Here’s Pastor Gary Craft to explain. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask for prayer, or reach us for any reason, please follow this link:[…]

In His Steps, The Resurrection

Because Jesus arose from the dead, you can have this confidence: your latest failure doesn’t have to be the end for you. You have a future! Jesus gives you the power to make it through every circumstance in life, through His sacrifice on the cross. Pastor Gary Craft explains more in this message. If you’d[…]

In His Steps, The Crucifixion

We’ve been following Jesus’ steps from the betrayal to the cross, this Easter season. And today, we reach the crucifixion. When Jesus said, “It is finished,” what exactly did He mean? Pastor Gary Craft has the explanation for you. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask for prayer, or reach us for any[…]

Guest Speaker David Strahan

Today, we welcome David Strahan, the District Missions and Men’s Director at Alabama District of the Assemblies of God. He shares a poignant message of how easy it is to drift off-course, very slowly & gradually, and how we can guard our hearts against it. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask for[…]

In His Steps, The Trial

We’re taking a look at Jesus’ steps from the betrayal to the cross this Easter season to learn more of how we can imitate our Savior. And, because Jesus walked through the greatest injustice any human being has ever encountered, and He did it with power, and grace, and peace, and authority, Pastor Gary Craft[…]

In His Steps, Gethsemane

As we’re follwing the steps of Jesus from the last supper to the cross, we’re discovering more and more how to be like Him. In this message, we learn that in His darkest moments, He didn’t want to be alone. He thought is was important to include the people He loved in His journey –[…]

In His Steps, The Last Supper

During this season, we are tracing Jesus’ steps – all the way to His resurrection. In today’s message, we learn from His example that we can’t reserve the right to refuse service or love to anyone, even to those who do us wrong. Pastor Gary Craft explains. If you’d like to respond to the message,[…]

When We Cannot Get To God

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t reach God – that no matter how hard you prayed, you just couldn’t seem to get Him? Guest Evangelist Lynn Wheeler has some advice for you. If you’d like to respond to the message, request prayer, or reach out for any other reason, please follow this link:[…]