Home Alone

Many of us experience lonliness during this Christmas season, whether it’s from the loss of a loved on, the ending of a relationship, or not being connected like we should with our Heavenly Father. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains what to do if you’re feeling that way.

The Miracle on Your Street

We serve a God who still does miracles! That’s something to be thankful for and to trust in. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft relates the miracles we should be believing for, to The Miracle on 34th Street.


Does the thought of your past make you depressed or keep you from moving forward with God? If so, you shouldn’t let it. As we move forward with God, through Jesus Christ, He gives us grace to keep moving forward. And, he gives us peace to overcome the depression and hopelessness that come with dwelling Read more about Grace[…]


Lordship – it’s a term that we use in our relationship with Christ. We make Him our Lord when we become a Christian. What exactly does that word, Lord,  mean? Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains.

A Heart Full of Yes

We all have a love language. It’s the ways in which we feel loved, appreciated & fulfilled. Did you know that God has a love language? It is obedience. And, that’s not a bad thing. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains.

Growing Through Adversity

Adversity is inevitable. And even though the situation we’re in may seem impossible, we can rejoice because we know that God will be with us through it all. There is life after adversity. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft shares this inspiring message.

October 22nd – “Let’s Grow Team” Facebook Followup

Every week, Pastor Gary likes to sit down in the JFM Studios (on the second floor of the church) and do a facebook followup on the message he preached on Sunday. It’s your opportunity to ask questions and learn more on the topic. If you’d like to check out this recording on Facebook Live, click Read more about October 22nd – “Let’s Grow Team” Facebook Followup[…]

Let’s Grow Team

We are called to grow. It is not an option. It develops our capacity and it gives God a consistent place to work. Because we are called to it, our enemy would have us unplug from God’s will and God’s call. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft delivers this powerful, challenging word!