True Treasure

What would you grab if your house was on fire? What would be so precious, so irreplaceable¬†that if you were going to risk your life for anything but your family’s own welfare, you would grab it as you ran out the door for your life? Pastor Gary explains what the true treasure is.

The Struggle Is Real

The one thing promised in this life is struggle. But, the struggle is worth it. Look at our country – without a struggle, the United States wouldn’t even exist. Associate Pastor Seth Henegar talks about the struggles we all face & why we should keep up the good fight, learning as we go.

Label Less

Labels are tricky things. They’re great for letting us know what things are. But, when they are applied to us, they have a tendency of painting us in a corner. Associate Pastor Seth Henegar explains.

Hey Coach!

This Father’s Day message is sure to inspire the dads, but is also so relevant to all of us. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft shares, “Hey Coach!”

Spirit of Generosity

When you hear the phrase Spirit of Generosity, what do you think about? Do you see dollar signs? Generosity is so much more than that. Pastor Gary Craft explains in this morning’s message.  

The Bridge Builder

Anyone can build walls. But, it takes skill, persistence & cooperation to build a bridge. Pastor Gary shares about the greatest Bridge Builder – the Holy Spirit.

Go Juice

Have you ever felt so desperate about something that nothing else mattered, except trying to deal with the issue? You act with urgency. Jesus talked about that urgency with His disciples and he wants us to act with urgency as well. Pastor Gary Craft explains.

Who’s at home? Is He at home in you?

Moments of change can be unprecedented. For example, Jesus would die, resurrect & ascend, in physical form. But, right before Jesus’ betrayal, He was preparing his disciples to deal with the grief of isolation from Him after his departure. Have you felt isolated during this crisis? He has a word for you today like He[…]

A Basketful

We celebrate moms today by focusing on a really great one found in the Bible. Her name was Jochebed. And, it took amazing trust for her to send her son Moses down a river in a basket. But if she hadn’t done it, my how our history would be different!

Recovering From Failure

Have you ever had a crash? We all have, right? Restoration will be expensive, but it’s worth it, & so are you! Pastor Gary Craft explains in today’s message.  

Breakfast on the Beach

Whispers of reopening kick off our imaginations. Are the sunny skies, warm sand & gentle waves of the beach calling your name? Jesus invites you to meet him for breakfast on the beach. Pastor Gary explains.

What Now?

Reports are saying that the Coronavirus is almost over. That means we’ll be back to work. Most of us have already gotten, or will soon get a government stimulus check. But, that’s not the best news. Listen as Pastor Gary explains the best news ever!