THE MOON – The very thing that has such influence over us and our planet – controlling the tides, lighting the night sky and so much more – can teach us a thing or 2 about influence. It has all this amazing power, yet only ever reflects the sun. Let Pastor Gary Craft paint this Read more about Footsteps[…]

Relationship Keys, Pt. 3

Relationships – at some point, we all flip the wrong switch and end up having some conflict, at some level. In-fact, the closer the relationship, the more inevitable conflict is. How do you handle it? Listen as Pastor Gary tackles the topic from a Biblical perspective.

Relationship Keys, Pt. 2

When we are convicted by the Spirit that we’re sinners and we’re convinced we need a savior, and we discover that Jesus is that savior that we need, a response is required. Pastor Gary asks what kind of response Jesus desires and deserves from us.

Relationship Keys, Pt. 1

If you were tested by the loving standard the Bible sets for us, would you be proud of your grade? Listen as Pastor Gary shares prinicples about the way that Jesus loves. If we can repeat his example, we can all be proud of our grade!

Between the Moments

Life is great on the mountaintops, but there’s a valley between them of just plain, basic, ordinary life. Pastor explains that between those moments, we’ve got a lot of living and walking in faith and claiming the promises and being faithful and consistent in pursuing God to do.

The Crossroads

2020 is packed with potential and promise. But it can turn out to be, “just another year.” But, Pastor Gary Craft explains how applying principles from Abraham’s 25 year-long epic journey can help you keep that from happening.

Getting Over It

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the good and, yes, even the bad. But, how do you get over the bad? How do you overcome the baggage from it that tries to follow you – like unforgiveness? Pastor Seth Henegar explains how.