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The Wonder of God With Us, Pt. 2

All human beings long for a God they can touch and feel, because we are both physical & spiritual people. Pastor Gary Craft talks about the incarnation of our saviour then & how He longs to live in us, now. If you’d like to respond to the message, request prayer, or just learn more about[…]

Signs of the Times, Pt. 3: LGBTQIA+

One sign of the times is evident in the cultural acceptance and even promotion of what just a few decades ago was considered psychosis. What has it taken to get us here? And, what can we do about it? Pastor Gary Craft has some answers for us in today’s message. If you’d like to respond[…]

Signs of the Times, Pt. 2: AI

An increase in knowledge is definitely a sign of the times. And, with human learning doubling every 12-13 months, Pastor Gary has some things to say about just how much we should rely on technology in our everyday lives. We hope this message touches your heart. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask[…]

Chi Alpha Day

Today, we are so glad to welcome Chi Alpha Missionaries from all across the State of Alabama to come and share their stories. They are on our college campuses everyday, being beacons of light to our future leaders. We hope your heart is touched by their messages. And if you’d like to find out more[…]

The Least Of These

“The Least of These,” is defined as the most vulnerable: including children, widows, shut-ins, disabled people – people who didn’t get a fair shake in life. It’s a lot of people. Today, Pastor Gary Craft brings our attention to the children – asking the question, who is going to respond to their need for belonging[…]


Essentially, intercession means standing in the gap between the enemy and their victim, while connecting that victim to the resources of God. It’s an honor and a privilege. But, it’s most-times misunderstood. Pastor Gary Craft is ready to explain. And if you’d like to respond to the message, request prayer, or learn more about Lake[…]

Ashley & Meredith Penley

This amazing couple serves as Missionaries to Northern Ecuador. Listen as they share their heart with you today, and show you scripture that not only parallels their lives, but yours, too. If you’d like to reach out to respond to the message, ask for prayer, or simply get to know us, or this couple better,[…]

The Sabbath

What is the Sabbath all about? Pastor Gary Craft explains the different sabbaths, their meanings, & how they’re meant to help you. If you have any questions or comments, want prayer, or want to reach out to us for any other reason, please follow this link:

The Waiting Room

Could there be something good about the waiting room? We’re glad you asked, because the answer is yes. Associate Pastor Seth Henegar has some good news for you today. And if you’d like to respond to the message, ask for prayer, or find out more about us, please follow this link: