Slip Sliding Away

Salvation is a process that begins with justification, progresses to sanctification, and then leads to glorification. You see, God loves us so much that He wants to share Himself with us in ever-increasing measure. Just as this process draws us closer to God, falling away from God is a gradual process that we have to guard ourselves against. Read more about Slip Sliding Away[…]

Denying Self

As we take time to honor our active and retired military srvice members and look forward to the future of our country, it’s important note the others-centered attitude that our soldiers have. And it is imperative that as Christians, we live an others-centered life. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains.

Stand In Awe Follow Up

Here is Pastor Gary’s follow up podcast from the studios of 88.5 JFM (the radio station on the 2nd floor of the church). He does a Facebook live every week to follow up on his sermon from Sunday. Here is this week’s follow up. To see the video, please click HERE

Stand In Awe

Have you ever witnessed the mighty wonder of God’s hands? When we are awestruck by God’s creation, we shouldn’t be drawn to the creation, but rather the Creator. Knowing that our God is not only all-powerful, but that He loves us, brings us to a point of longing for Him. He truly cares and is able to Read more about Stand In Awe[…]

Epic Man

It’s something every man aspires to be, epic – Rambo, Superman, a Lumberjack, Tim the Tool Man Taylor. But maybe we need to understand what being epic truly means. Listen, as Pastor Seth Henegar explains what it takes to be an Epic Man.

The Incorruptible Seed

Everything in this world obeys the law of seed time and havest, EVERYTHING. Guest speaker & founding Pastor of Lake City Assembly, Stan Broadus, shares with us the impact of the greatest seed, the incorruptible seed that is the Word of God. It will grow, against all odds. Listen now, as he explains.

Ignore the Roar

The Bible says that our enemy prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. But, as a believer, he has no power over you. Sometimes it’s not so easy to remember that. But, Nate Craft has an encouraging word for you. Listen below.

Power Tools

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are power tools to help us get the job done that God has for us here on this Earth. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains why we should utilize these power tools.

Water From Another World

Water is one of the central elements of a civilization. Kingdoms  are built around it and can rise and fall because of it. Pastor Gary explains in this message that making we sure we have the water from another world will guarantee us success, growth & experiencing the fullness of Christ. Check it out below.