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The Gospel, Pt. 1

Simply put – from the outside, you can’t experience all that’s on the inside. But, here’s the greatest news ever – there’s a way to the inside. His name is Jesus. Pastor Gary Craft explains. And if you’d like to respond to the message, ask any questions, or would like for us to pray for[…]

Unforgiveness Penitentiary

Today, Evangelist Joe Phillips bring his Unforgiveness Penitentiary to Lake City. As he goes through his testimony, he highlights the unforgiveness that has plagued his life – not just holding those who did him wrong as captive, but himself as well. We pray you are touched by today’s message and see how this can apply[…]

Family Matters, Pt. 3 Connecting The Generations

The older generation has learned valuable lessons that those in the younger generations are about to have to learn the hard way. Unless, they can learn from each other. Fostering communication between the two is vital to helping that happen. Pastors Gary & Seth tag team this message, the 3rd in the Family Matters series,[…]

Consecrate Your Blessings

Did you know that your next level of victory is connected to your level of consecration? And, every good & perfect gift you’ve ever received has God’s fingerprints on it. How can you use those 2 facts to live a better life? That’s what Pastor Gary is talking about today. We pray God touches your[…]

Johnny Jernigan

Today, we welcome special guest Evangelist Johnny Jernigan to Lake City. He has a message for you about the cross. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask for prayer, or reach out for any other reason, please follow this link: Thank you!

What Captures You?

Accepting Christ is just the beginning of the journey of discovering who He is, how He loves, and what He does. Does He still capture your heart today? Pastor Gary Craft has a few things to say about that. And, we pray that it touches your heart. If it does, and you’d like to respond[…]

Leave The Riverbank

As we face a brand new year, we can take some inspiration from the children of Israel in the book of Joshua. They were commanded to step out in faith to take the promised land. They had to leave their comfort zone. Pastor Gary Craft explains that we must be willing to give up a[…]

The Wonder of God With Us, Pt. 3

If it were not for the long walk that Jesus made to get to where we are, we would never fully know the depth to which He loved us or the lengths to which He went that we might be able to really trust Him. Pastor Gary Craft explains in this week’s message. If you’d like[…]