Followup to The Jesus Journey: Grace to Go

On today’s followup, Pastor Gary discusses his latest Sermon, 1 of a multi-part series. He gives further explanation and shares the inspiration for the message – to help us to experience Christ’s fullness. We would love to see you soon.

The Jesus Journey: Glory To-Go

In today’s message, Pastor Gary talks about the importance of God’s Glory. It’s something we can carry with us. It’s something that people can see. Find out what we mean . Click play!


It’s one of the funniest Christmas movies around. Elf! Pastor Gary Craft draws some comparisons and contrasts from the blockbuster to our spiritual life. Take a listen.

A Christmas Carol

When you think of Ebeneezer Scrooge, what kinds of words come to mind? Yeah, negative and self-centered, right? With all of that negativity, wouldn’t you say he needed an intervention? Believe it or not, we all need an intervention. Let Pastor Gary Craft explain.

Home Alone

Many of us experience lonliness during this Christmas season, whether it’s from the loss of a loved on, the ending of a relationship, or not being connected like we should with our Heavenly Father. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains what to do if you’re feeling that way.

The Miracle on Your Street

We serve a God who still does miracles! That’s something to be thankful for and to trust in. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft relates the miracles we should be believing for, to The Miracle on 34th Street.


Does the thought of your past make you depressed or keep you from moving forward with God? If so, you shouldn’t let it. As we move forward with God, through Jesus Christ, He gives us grace to keep moving forward. And, he gives us peace to overcome the depression and hopelessness that come with dwelling Read more about Grace[…]