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Guest Speaker David Strahan

Today, we welcome David Strahan, the District Missions and Men’s Director at Alabama District of the Assemblies of God. He shares a poignant message of how easy it is to drift off-course, very slowly & gradually, and how we can guard our hearts against it. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask for[…]

In His Steps, The Trial

We’re taking a look at Jesus’ steps from the betrayal to the cross this Easter season to learn more of how we can imitate our Savior. And, because Jesus walked through the greatest injustice any human being has ever encountered, and He did it with power, and grace, and peace, and authority, Pastor Gary Craft[…]

In His Steps, Gethsemane

As we’re follwing the steps of Jesus from the last supper to the cross, we’re discovering more and more how to be like Him. In this message, we learn that in His darkest moments, He didn’t want to be alone. He thought is was important to include the people He loved in His journey –[…]

In His Steps, The Last Supper

During this season, we are tracing Jesus’ steps – all the way to His resurrection. In today’s message, we learn from His example that we can’t reserve the right to refuse service or love to anyone, even to those who do us wrong. Pastor Gary Craft explains. If you’d like to respond to the message,[…]

When We Cannot Get To God

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t reach God – that no matter how hard you prayed, you just couldn’t seem to get Him? Guest Evangelist Lynn Wheeler has some advice for you. If you’d like to respond to the message, request prayer, or reach out for any other reason, please follow this link:[…]

Matters of the Heart: Fear & Anxiety

Fear can wreak havock in our lives, because we react to it in many different ways that can damage us and our relationships with others. So, what are the tell-tale signs that we’re dealing with fear? And, how can we overcome it? Pastor Gary Craft has a few tips for us today. We hope you[…]

Matters Of The Heart: Shame

Inadequacy, sin, & abuse are all roots of shame. And, they are housed in the heart. Pastor Gary Craft explains the roots & the fruit of shame in today’s 1st message in the Heart series. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask for prayer, or reach out for any reason, please follow this[…]

Jonah – The Cause

The people of Nineveh were faced with a choice to continue on the path they were on, or relent, repent, and get on a better path. They chose to have an awkening. Is that possible for our nation today? Pastor Gary Craft asks that question, and explains what it will take to answer it. If[…]

Johnny Jernigan

Special guest, Evangelist Johnny Jernigan, speaks today about winning. His charismatic storytelling & use of illustration helps drive the point home to help you realize how to be a winner. If you’d like to reach out for any reason – to respond to the message, ask for prayer, or learn more about our church –[…]

Jonah – People

Every single person is a treasure in God’s eyes. We don’t deserve that distinction, but He chooses to see us that way. However, we don’t always see other people as the treasure that God sees. This is where Pastor Gary Craft picks up the story of Jonah today. We pray that God touches your heart[…]

Jonah – Change

This Bible Story is packed with rebellion, suspense, & second chances. Pastor Gary Craft picks it apart, piece-by-piece, in today’s message, so we can understand it just a little better. We pray that God uses this message to touch your life today in a mighty way. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask[…]

The Greatest Gifts Of All – Freedom

Without the freedom that Christ gives, we live life in bondage, like slaves. But, He doesn’t want us living like that. Pastor Gary Craft explains in today’s message. If you’d like to respond to the message, ask for prayer, or reach us for any other reason, please follow this link: