Cancel Christianity?

Society calls for us to cancel things we don’t like. Many would cancel Christianity, citing hypocrisy, abusive clergy & crooked televangelists. But, before you throw the baby out with the bath water, it’s important to see the good that the Church has brought to the world & to remember that the church is made up[…]

The Prodigal

What is the story of the prodigal really about? We have answers for that. And, if you have any questions, comments or prayer requests, please get them to us by using this link: Thank you! Be blessed!

Stretch It Out

COVID-19, protests, riots… there is a lot happening in our world right now. But, God wants to stretch the potential of the season we are in. And, we can play a huge part in that. Pastor Gary Craft explains.


What does transformation really look like? We invited Shirley Chupp, Executive Director of Marshall County Homeless Ministries, to come and talk to us about the transformation she sees in lives every day. She explains that true, lasting transformation can only happen when Jesus is involved. If you’d like to reach out to us or Shirley,[…]

The Power of Praise

The airwaves are filled with words, written & spoken, that have been so hyped lately. And, if we aren’t careful they’ll cause us just to shut our ears. But, God’ words spoken are different. Pastor Gary explores the power of the praise of God in today’s message.


We’re feeling a lot of pressure lately. And, while it’s nothing new, it sure does feel overwhelming. Guest Speaker Nate Craft has something to say about that.

You’ve Never Been This Way Before

That phrase sums up our current situation¬†pretty well, doesn’t it? We’re challenged by a new set of circumstances that we’ve never faced before. But, it’s going to be okay. Pastor Gary Craft explains that there is 1 thing that will never change. And, you can put your trust in Him, not just for the present,[…]

Unstoppable God

Our God is unstoppable. Listen as Guest Speaker Bruce Headley with Convoy of Hope shares the stories of how God has provided, even in the middle of this pandemic, for every child their ministry has committed to feed. Drawing inspiration from Psalm 91 & Jesus feeding the 5,000, Bruce emphasizes the importance of giving what[…]


Bad news or good news – which do you want to hear first? To fully realize your situation, you have to hear both. It’s only by hearing the bad news that you can really appreciate the good news. Pastor Gary Craft shares both with you today. Be sure to fill out a connect card, CLICK[…]