Cleaning Up Is Needed

Today, Pastor Gary explains that it’s so important to let the Holy Spirit have His way in our lives, searching our heart and helping us know what’s got to go. As we work together with Him, we become better representatives of Christ.

Casting The First Stone

In the Bible, there’s a woman who’s caught in adultery. She’s brought before Jesus to see if he would condemn her to death, staying true to the law of the times. The result was shocking. Check out the video to find out what happened.

Phoenix Rising

God wants to take the ashes of your life – the failures, imperfections, the things you’re not so proud of, and the thing that was meant to kill you as a Christian, and He wants to use it for His glory, His purpose, and His dream for your life. Pastor Seth Henegar explains.

The Seed & The Sower

You are the dirt! When Jesus explains the Parable of the Seed & the Sower, you are the dirt! But, don’t be offended. It’s a good thing to be. The question is, how ready are you to grow something?

How To Live Godly in a Wicked World, Pt. 3

Sometimes, there is no plan B. For instance, could you imagine being asked to not only interpret someone’s dream, but to tell them what the dream was – and if you got it wrong, you would lose your life? No one on earth could do that alone! But, that’s when Daniel and his 3 friends[…]