Everyday, you are painting a picture on someone’s soul with what you do or don’t do, with who you are or are not, by what you say or don’t say. And, that faint impression CAN have a lasting impact on someone’s life. Pastor Gary explains the importance of this from the perspective of a Father.[…]

Becoming A Champion

So many people talk about the Bible story of David & Goliath. But, have you ever really studied it out? You’ve basically got a shepherd boy who was sent to take his brothers food who just happens to kill a giant, while honoring his country and his God at the same time. It’s a pretty[…]

Hunger & Thirst

Believe it or not, appetite has a lot to do with our spiritual lives. Pastor Gary will highlight the importance of hunger & thirst and give us ways to foster them in our hearts today. If we haven’t met you yet, please click HERE to connect with us. And, if you’d like to respond to[…]

Blessed are the Meek

What exactly does meek mean? Pastor Gary will answer that question and tell you what the Bible has to say about it. We are so glad you’re here. Please connect with us by clicking HERE. And, if you’d like to submit your prayer requests or respond to the message, click HERE. Please share the broadcast[…]

Mothers Day

As we celebrate Motherhood and all its aspects that are universal, relatable, & real, Pastor Gary looks at the mother of our savior, showcasing how she must have felt to be raising the One who would change everything. We hope you are blessed by today’s message. And, if we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting[…]

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Could there be blessing in mourning? Pastor Gary answers that question, reminding us that Jesus cried real tears. He’ll explain what that means to us & how we can learn from it. If you’d like to respond to today’s message or have a prayer request, please click HERE. If you’d like to just say hi[…]

Missionary Joil Marbut

Today, we welcome Missionary Joil Marbut & his family to Lake City, as we focus on missions, to tell us what is going on in the jungles of Ecuador & how we can get involved. Listen as he shares the heart of Jesus, through the stories of his ministry in the area. If you’d like[…]

THIS Changes Everything

Welcome to our Resurrection Celebration! We’re glad you’re here. Today, Pastor Gary Craft explains how Jesus truly changes everything. Now, if we’ve never met before, please click HERE. We’d love to get to know you. And, if you’d like to respond to the message and/or submit a prayer request, please click HERE. Thanks for being[…]

Worship Isn’t Wasted

What really is worship? Is it just when we sing? Pastor Gary answers that question & more in today’s message. If you’d like to respond to today’s message or have any prayer requests, please click HERE.

Cancel Culture, Pt. 2

“Cancel Culture” is a term being used in normal conversation in our society these days. So, what does it mean exactly? Pastor Gary Craft explains in this week’s message. If you’d like to respond to today’s message or have a prayer request you’d like for us to pray for, please click HERE.