Next Level

What does it take to reach the next level? That’s an open-ended question, right? It kinda depends on what you’re wanting to excel in. But what’s fundamenally true, no matter the platform, is being free to move forward. But, we weigh ourselves down so often with things we should let go of. That’s what Pastor[…]

Riding The Coming Wave, Pt. 1

For surfers, there’s no greater rush than riding a wave. The higher & bigger, the better. Comparatively, life has its fair share of waves that rise and fall, some good, some bad. The problem is, we’re not all surfers. But, there are a few tips and tricks on how to ride the waves well. Pastor[…]

A Fresh Start

Though it’s technically just another day, it is a day for us to consider a reset. Most of us set up New Year’s resolutions, but they usually end up in the ditch in as little as a month. Pastor Gary Craft explains how this year’s reset can be different. It can truly be a fresh[…]

Now What?

When Jesus comes into our life, there has to be an intersection in our timeline that changes our direction. If you’ve ever seen “Back To The Future” you know how this works. Each choice changes the future. Jesus does that for us, in the best way possible. Listen as Associate Pastor Seth Henegar explains. And,[…]

Moment of Vision

Two people got to see something in their lifetime that most of their peers never got to. Simeon & Anna were holding out hope, waiting on a promise, and God gave it to them! Pastor Gary Craft explains how, just like them, we have a part to play in the ultimate vision of the Savior.[…]

Moment of Faith

Have you ever encountered something that took your focus completely off of what you were doing and demanded your full attention? That’s what happened to some shepherds one night. The rest of the story is the greatest story ever told. This Christmas season, we’re taking a deeper look at all the moments that made the[…]

Moment of Purpose

When thinking of the Christmas story, it is very evident that Mary had a purpose. She had a role to play. And, she was willing to play it, no matter what. We can gain a lot of perspective from her atitude. Pastor Gary Craft explains. If you’d like to reach out to us to respond[…]


The reality for all of us is this, sometimes we can find ourselves focusing on the wrong things. And, doing that generates dissatisfaction and ingrattitude. Inadvertently, we can underappreciate God’s blessings in our lives. So, how can we keep ourselves from doing that? Pastor Gary Craft has some answers for us in today’s message. If[…]

Wonder, Worship, & Warfare, Pt. 7

What does spiritual warfare look like? Pastor Gary Craft has an answer for that question. And, chances are, it’s a little more subtle than you realize. We hope you are blessed by today’s message and feel free to reach out to us, HERE.