What is spiritual desperation, or the point it takes for us to not be satisfied with where we are anymore? Youth Pastor Seth Henegar defines it and shares some though provoking truths of how to let it propel you forward.

Soul Tsunami

We are in the last days, and that means that things are going to get bad. But, that doesn’t mean that we need to isolate ourselves. Instead, we need to insulate ourselves against it, knowing that God is not caught off guard by anything. And, He is going to see us through. Pastor Gary Craft Read more about Soul Tsunami[…]

The Struggle is Real, Pt. 4 Inadequacy

We have 2 choices when we feel like we don’t measure up: 1 run from every circumstance we’re not feeling up to or 2 find the resources neede to handle it. Pastor Gary Craft talks about those choices, discusses which one to choose and even brings out some inspirational thoughts in the middle of it.

The Struggle Is Real, Pt. 3 – Rejection

Rejection is a painful thing, and we all deal with it – whether we feel rejected by our parents, our spouse, or even God. The problem is, sometimes we make it bigger than it actually is. Listen as Pastor Gary Craft explains. There is hope after rejection.

The Struggle is Real, Pt. 2

Shame, Guilt, Embarrasment, Condemnation – What’s the difference between them? Pastor Gary Craft explains that difference, as he invites the Holy Spirit to make this message real to you – encouraging you to move forward and not to be paralyzed by them.