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LC Kids Nursery & Preschool

We use KidCheck to check your child into our classes. Please click the logo below to register. It’s free!

Our Commitment to You and Your Child:
To provide a loving, secure environment for your child’s care & learning………
-With prayerful personal attention from pre-screened experienced teachers
-With wholesome age-appropriate activities, toys & furniture (sanitized regularly)
-With thorough security check-in/check- out measures

What to Expect- LCKids Nursery & Preschool Check-in
A Warm Welcome
As you and your child arrive at our check-in, you will be greeted by a member of our Lake City Kids Check-In team. You will receive a numbered label for your child that will match the label on their back and their diaper bag (Nursery). Please alert check-in personnel of any information that will help in caring for your child, such as allergies or special needs. (For Nursery) A nursery volunteer will meet you at the door to welcome your child, receive your child’s diaper bag and any other necessary items you may have. Please inform nursery volunteers of any specific instructions you may have for your child. (For Preschool) After you have completed the check-in process, a LCKids volunteer will lead you to your child’s room to meet his/her teacher. Wave a quick good-bye and head into the worship service. As you know, it is common for little ones to cry when a parent leaves. This, typically, does not last long. Separation will become easier over time. Our leaders will immediately engage your child in a toy or activity and ensure your child that you will return soon. If your child cries for an extended period of time, we will page you using the number that corresponds to the one on your security tag. This number will be displayed in the bottom corner of the large screen inside the main auditorium and theater. Or we can text your cell phone if you will leave us your number.

Necessary Items
(For Nursery) When packing a diaper bag for your child, please include the following items: Two or three disposable diapers , An extra change of clothes & a bottle of milk, formula, juice or water. Please label all personal items (including pacifiers and sippie cups) with your child’s first and last name before arriving at your child’s class. This helps us know which items belong to your child.

(For Nursery) Snacks are provided for our crawlers and walkers. The food items consist of Gerber Graduate Puffs. Again, please inform the check-in team of any allergies during the check-in process. Allergy alerts will be entered into our check-in system and displayed on your child’s name tag.

We believe that even our littlest ones can learn about the love of Christ! Regular learning experiences are planned and lessons are reinforced with songs, Bible thoughts, and supervised activities designed with the ability of your child in mind.

Pick-up Procedure
To pick up your child, present your security tag to the Preschool or nursery volunteer at the door. The tag will be matched to your child’s name tag before he/she will be released into your care. A child will not be able to leave the room, with a parent, without the presentation of the security tag. In the event you lose your security tag, you will be asked to show proper identification before your child is returned to you. Please make sure that you have all of your child’s belongings with you before you leave.

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